MINI-MANAGER-3600 Used for 2017 CEA

Author:BeingHD Time:2018-12-03
2017 CEA(China Endoscopist Conference) was held in Suzhou China from 17th November to 19th November, 2017. 

To meet the confere requests, we supplied our 36x36 modular matrix switcher with the Universal(MAV) Input and output cards. With this configuration, it can provide the conference an easy way to have DVI, HDMI/VGA/CVBS/YPBPR(with different adapters) inputs and outputs. Also a NO black/blue screen seamless switching. 

Client can control the switcher via multiple ways: iPad/Android Application, WEB GUI, RS232, 2-key fast switching front buttons with background lights: 

With the 36x36 Modualr Matrix Switcher chassis, it can provide client more features than the above: 
1. Availability for expanding up  to 36 inputs and 36 outputs
2. Rack mounted 
3. With modular design, if one card broken, only need to replace the cards instead of returning the whole unit
4. Customize the inputs and outputs quantities and signal types accordingly to the real application
5. Anoher chassis and cards for selections

For more details, please feel free to write to us or leave us a comments. We surely will provide you the most suitable and affordable solution.