MINI-MANAGER-1800 Used for Government

Author:BeingHD Time:2018-12-03
The government projects are all the same in the worldwide, they have super high and strict requests for all the equipment from the security, working stability and friendly-use. 

We are honored to provide and install the 18x18 modular matrix for a police station last month. With the matrix switcher, it's not only meet with their high request standard, but also brings more advantages in this application. With the LCD screen, it's easier for the installation adjustment or settings; And the background ligts of the front buttons, it will be super easy to recognize the swtiching status. 

With the HDBaesT outputs, it can transmit the signals over single Cat5e/6 cable up to 70m, and it can support the POC(power over cable) function, for the HDBaseT receivers, clients don't need to find/create the power plug for them. 

Summary of this project: 
1 unit of the 18x18 modular Matirx Switcher
9 MAV input cards with the 3.5mm audio embedded, seamless switching fucntion
9 HDBaseT inputs cards provde the long hual sources
Dual Control systems(2*RS232, 2*LAN) make sure you always have the backup control plans
Redudant power supply to avoid auto switching if one broken down